Water coolers for bakeries

 SALVA's water cooler is designed to reduce water temperature and keep it constant for dough production. With an exterior stainless steel finish, it is fitted with an insulated tank, a compressor, a coil and an agitator. This lowers the temperature quickly and efficiently, thus ensuring total control of the dough preparation process

  • UNIFORM TEMPERATURE:An agitator ensures water temperature is constant throughout the tank.
  • FAST COOLING:Two cooler models with respective cooling capacity of 70 and 90 litres/hour, with water input at 18ºC and output at 3ºC
  • ENERGY SAVING:Tank insulation made of high-density polyurethane foam, minimising energy losses.
  • GREEN DESIGN:Use of R-134a refrigerant for better performance of refrigeration equipment compared to other gases, along with lower energy consumption.
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    Water dispensers

    SALVA's water dispensers supply the amount of water required in accordance with the product to be baked. Their high level of precision allows exact control of the percentage of moisture to be added to the dough. The two modes of use –manual and automatic– allow adaptation to the baker's way of working.

  • PRECISION AND EASE-OF-USE:Simplicity and precision in a single system.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE AND LONG WORKING LIFE:Specially designed to offer long durability and low maintenance.
  • VERSATILITY:The water dispenser can work in two ways: automatic or manual.
  • FOOLPROOF:The shut-off valve with an impurity filter prevents the system from becoming blocked.
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    Dough mixers

    SALVA's mixers are designed to make cake mixtures. They have a planetary axis system for perfectly uniform mixtures of any type of cake mix. They allow various functions such as beating, mixing or kneading any type of light dough. There are two types of dough mixer: Planetary mixer B-20 and Planetary mixer BM-5-E

  • HYGIENE:The high degree of hygiene comes from the use of stainless steel in a large number of components.
  • SAFETY:Fitted with safety elements for a completely safe high-production machine.
  • EASE-OF-USE AND MAINTENANCE:Straightforward operation mechanism and low maintenance.
  • EFFICIENCY: A system of high-efficiency reducers is included to ensure low energy consumption.
  • VERSATILITY: The machine has serial accessories to make any type of cake mix and even delicate kneading..
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    Dough ball machines

    SALVA's dough ball machine is ideal for baking any type of dough, and is essential in any bakery or cake maker business as it allows the dough to be divided and rounded in a single work cycle. We have 3 types of dough ball machines: tubes, bands and dividers.

  • RESPECT FOR THE DOUGH:Great respect for the dough, using soft, delicate dough dividing systems.
  • LARGE PRODUCTION VOLUME:Large production. Depending on the model, it produces between 2000 and 3000 pieces\/ hour.
  • ULTRAQUIET:Cutting-edge technology to ensure an ultraquiet machine.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Thanks to its simplicity, the dough ball machine only requires low maintenance.
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